The Comic Intermezzo

What the Presenters are Saying

Great performances this summer. Miride and Damari was an excellent addition to our season. It is a rare performance that combines such humor and good singing and introduces the audience to something completely new. Entertaining and educational!

Nick Johnson, Artistic Director
Grand Teton Festival

…personally, as a presenter, I’ve greatly enjoyed The Comic Intermezzo’s dynamic performances of intermezzi by Hasse and Sarri. They are very accessible to both young and old. We’ve chosen to list them in our schedule as “highly recommended for children” because they connect so well with an intergenerational audience! The fact that these short operas are concise, sung so clearly in English, and SO FUNNY have made The Comic Intermezzo a troupe we intend to program again and again.

William Bauer
Co-artistic Director
Saint Louis Baroque Festival

A delightful entertainment, well-sung and wittily acted. As performed by Peter and Kathleen Van De Graaff, ‘Miride and Damari” is a comic delight!

Karen Fishman
Executive Director
Chicago’s Music of the Baroque

You brought such vitality, life, talent and knowledge to your many events on campus. The students are still talking about you.

Ruth Christensen
Enrichment Chair
Brigham Young University

The performance for our Ames Town and Gown audience on Saturday night was appreciated to the utmost! Your attention to detail, your marvelous wit on stage (not to mention your wonderful voices), and the authentic baroque instrumental ensemble created a wonderful treat and introduction to an art form not so well known to most music lovers.

Paula Forrest Helmuth
Artistic Director
Ames Town and Gown Chamber Music Assn

I just wanted to tell you once again, how much I enjoyed meeting both of you. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent and research with us; it was truly a delight. I thought you should know that I had many wonderful and appreciative comments back from students about the performance. They enjoyed it very much.

Kerry Walters
Bradley University
Peoria, IL