The Comic Intermezzo

Opera for Kids!

Children enjoying The Comic Intermezzo - Opera For KidsOpera for Kids! is an outreach program developed by The Comic Intermezzo to teach children about opera. An introduction to the art form of the intermezzo is presented to the students followed by a fully staged intermezzo (comic chamber opera) which is performed in English. A question and answer session is always a very important part of the presentation. Outreach educational materials are, of course, available for the teachers.

Teacher Testimonials:

Children enjoying The Comic Intermezzo - Opera For KidsThe Van De Graaffs supplied the teachers with background information on opera so that students could be prepared for the performance. The performance itself was wonderful. After the performance, the students were able to ask questions and discuss the opera with the performers, who speak numerous languages and could cater to our bilingual students. This is a rare opportunity for many kids, and it has made an enormous difference in our school. Not only did it complement our music program in making classical music come alive, but it gave our students the courage to learn about and enjoy art forms they may have once thought were not for them.

Staci Garner
Teacher at Horace Greeley Elementary School
Chicago, IL

Children enjoying The Comic Intermezzo - Opera For KidsWhat wonderful performances of Bastienne & Bastien. The kids LOVED it and your performance was so inspirational to many of the kids as well as teachers and staff. Thanks once again!

Sharon Quatrain
Hubbard High School
Chicago, IL

Peter and Kathleen Van De Graaff have been part of our outreach program .They are thoroughly professional, very cooperative about tailoring their program to the needs of each occasion, and- most importantly – they consistently deliver a great program.

The Van De Graaffs performing at Opera For Kids Outreach Program

I want to draw attention to the fact that Peter and Kathleen want to do more than deliver a good performance, they want to connect with the students. Because they succeed, the students are quite attentive. And, in every case, the teacher asks when they can have them back.

John Ryan
Manager of Artistic Operations
Music of the Baroque

Students comments:

I did not like it…I loved it. It was funny, cool and magical. Thank you for coming to our school. We hope to see you again.


I liked the opera assembly because I liked the way the actors acted. I also liked how they sang. How low and how high someone can sing. I really liked it. It liked the way their voices were different. In my opinion, I think they did a great job. I wish I could sing like they did. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be boring, but it was funny and entertaining.

Jackie Gonzalez

I liked all the characters and also how they acted. It was a good impression for me because I haven’t been in an opera, I would love to see another opera.

Victoria Flores

The Van De Graaffs performing at Opera For Kids Outreach Program