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Johann Adolph Hasse

"Miride and Damari"

Johann Adolph Hasse(1699-1783) was born near Hamburg , Germany. He was one of the leading composers of opera seria in his time. He studied in Naples with Alessandro Scarlatti, and while there, set his first opera to a text by Metastasio, the premier librettist of the time. It was there that he developed a long and lasting friendship with Metastasio and after a time, he became the only librettist Hasse used. Together, they came to dominate opera throughout Europe in the first half of the 18th century.

Throughout his life, Hasse composed at least one opera per year, and by the time of his death at age 84, had written over 80 opere serie, along with 14 intermezzi, of which Miride e Damari is the first.

Domenico Sarri

"Mosquetta and Grullo" and "The Wise Woman & the Foolish Man"

Domenico Sarro (1679-1744) was considered one of the most prominent composers to have emerged from the Neapolitan conservatories in the 18th century. He worked for the court in Naples and lived there throughout his life. Because he chose to confine his activities to Naples, his fame was not widely known. Many scholars regard him as a transitional composer between more prominent composers such as Alessandro Scarlatti and Leonardo Leo and Leonardo Vinci. He wrote over 30 opere serie and many intermezzi.

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